Are Veneers Permanent? What You Should Know Before You Get Veneers

If you’re thinking about getting dental veneers in Indian Valley from Dr. Spencer Grossman, you may have some questions. For example, are veneers permanent? Do you have to keep them forever, or is it possible to have them removed if you change your mind about them in the future? 

The short answer is that veneers are permanent, and cannot be reversed once you get them. But if you’re looking for more details, read on. We’ll explain the details, and also go over some steps you can take to protect your new smile once you get veneers at Indian Valley Dental.

Veneers Are Irreversible And Require Some Of Your Enamel To Be Removed

So, why aren’t veneers reversible? Essentially, they require you to have some of your natural enamel removed during the veneer preparation process. During your first appointment, our Indian Valley dentist will use a dental drill to gently remove a thin layer of enamel from each tooth that is receiving a veneer. Removing this enamel allows your veneers to fit perfectly over your teeth, and improve your smile without affecting how your teeth fit together.

However, this process is not reversible. Once enamel is removed from your teeth, there’s no way to put it back. Basically, this means that you’ll need to keep your veneers. If you ever were to have your veneers removed, the underlying teeth would be weak and more susceptible to tooth decay and other dental issues.

After You Get Veneers, They’ll Need To Be Replaced If They Break Or Wear Out

While veneers are permanent and not reversible, they also do not last forever. Over time, the pressure of chewing and biting takes a toll on your veneers. You can expect your veneers to last around 20 years with proper care and maintenance before they need to be replaced.

However, it’s easy for a dentist like Dr. Grossman to replace damaged veneers. The process is fast and easy. This is one of the reasons that it’s important to keep coming to Indian Valley Dental for checkups every six months. At each visit, Dr. Grossman and our team can check on your veneers, make sure they're in good shape, and recommend a replacement if we notice any issues with a veneer.

Our Top Tips For Prolonging The Lifespan Of Your Veneers

Since veneers are permanent, they're a big commitment and investment too. Ask anyone who’s gotten veneers, and they’ll tell you that they're worth it! But if you’re getting veneers, it’s a good idea to take steps to keep them in great shape. Here are a few recommendations:

-Maintain good oral hygiene – Regular brushing and flossing keeps your teeth healthy, and are essential for prolonging the lifespan of your new veneers. Brush twice a day and floss once a day to protect your investment.

-Avoid biting hard foods or non-food objects with your veneers – You should avoid biting into really hard foods like carrots or apples with your front teeth, or chewing things like popcorn kernels or ice with your veneers. You also should not chew non-food objects like pens or pencils.

-Get a night guard if you grind your teeth – If you grind your teeth, a night guard helps cushion them and protects your veneers and your natural teeth from premature wear and tear.

-Getting an athletic mouthguard – If you play contact sports or have a hobby that could result in an oral injury, like skateboarding or mountain biking, consider getting an athletic mouthguard. An athletic mouthguard will help protect your veneers and your natural teeth from damage due to oral injuries.

Come To Indian Valley Dental And Explore Your Options For Cosmetic Care

If you’re interested in dental veneers in Indian Valley or you’re curious about your other options for enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Grossman is here to help. To schedule a cosmetic consultation, give us a call at (215) 723-5531 or contact us online. Dr. Grossman is always accepting new patients, and our team is always here to help you get the smile you deserve!

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