Tooth Extractions in Souderton, PA

why would I need A tooth Extraction?

Typically, tooth extractions are our last resort at Indian Valley Dental Associates. Dr. Spencer Grossman will always look for other ways to save your teeth and protect your oral health. But sometimes, extractions are the best option. 

For example, if you have a severely damaged tooth or suffer from periodontal disease, you may need an extraction to prevent further complications.  Removing a tooth may also be necessary to help alleviate pain or infection in a tooth.

Extractions may also be required for orthodontic purposes, or to prepare for another treatment like a dental implant or dentures. 

When a tooth is planned for extraction, Dr. Grossman will make sure you understand your replacement options. Planning for the replacement of an extracted tooth is important part of the process.

Many patients will choose a dental implant to replace one that had to be removed. Having adequate healed bone and gum tissue is necessary for the placement of dental implants. One way to help plan for the eventual placement of a dental implant is to preserve the site of the extracted tooth with a bone graft.

Bone grafts can be done both at the time of tooth extraction and if needed, after the site has healed.  Placing the graft at the time of extraction is an excellent way to take advantage of the body's natural healing process.

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Did you know…

It’s important to replace missing teeth after a tooth extraction. If there is a gap in your smile, the nearby teeth may shift toward the empty space, causing problems with your teeth and your bite.

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Types of extractions

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wisdom tooth extractions

The wisdom teeth come in a lot later than the rest of our teeth, usually erupting between the ages of 18-25. Many people don’t have enough room in their mouths for this third set of molars. Wisdom teeth that remain impacted or do not erupt normally can cause a wide range of issues. 

In these cases wisdom teeth can raise your risk of oral infections, cause pain and discomfort, and lead to serious oral health complications. Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth to be extracted. But if you think your wisdom teeth are causing problems in your mouth, it’s a good idea to let us know.

Dr. Grossman can examine your wisdom teeth, assess your oral health, and determine if wisdom tooth extractions are necessary to protect your mouth. Some wisdom teeth extractions may be referred out to a specialist, depending on whether or not the tooth is impacted.

Did you know…

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, stabilize a denture, or replace an entire arch of teeth.

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