How To Handle A Loose Tooth – Everything You Should Know

Most people think that loose teeth are only for kids. But adults can get loose teeth too, and this can be indicative of serious oral health problems in some cases. But don’t panic! If you think that you have a loose adult tooth, our Souderton dentist at Indian Valley Dental has got you covered. Read on to learn more about the causes of loose teeth, and the steps you should take to protect your smile.

What Causes Loose Teeth In Adults?

In kids, loose baby teeth are natural. Baby teeth are meant to fall out and be replaced with adult teeth. But as an adult, loose teeth are usually caused by one of the following issues:

- Dental trauma – If you’re struck in the face or the mouth, this can damage or stretch the periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth tightly in your gums, resulting in a loose tooth. If your tooth is loose due to dental trauma, call Indian Valley Dental right away. Usually, an emergency dentist in Souderton will be able to splint the tooth in place, which stabilizes it and allows your mouth to heal.

- Gum disease – Gum disease can also loosen one or more of your teeth, particularly as it progresses. As your gums become infected, your gums recede and your teeth may become loose. However, with proper treatment from Dr. Grossman at Indian Valley Dental, it’s typically possible to reverse this process and stabilize and save your teeth.

- Teeth grinding – Severe teeth grinding (bruxism) can also cause damage to the ligaments that hold your teeth in place. If you grind your teeth, Dr. Grossman may suggest a night guard to prevent loose teeth, premature tooth wear, TMJ, and other dental issues associated with bruxism.

What To Do If You Have A Loose Tooth

If you have a loose tooth in Indian Valley, the first thing you should do is call Indian Valley Dental at (215) 723-5531. You should come into our office as soon as possible for the treatment you need. But until then, there are a few steps you can take to protect your tooth:

- Avoid chewy and sticky foods – Eating certain chewy and sticky foods could put more strain on your tooth, further loosening it or even pulling it out of your mouth entirely. Avoid things like taffy, caramel, and other really chewy and sticky foods.

- Chew on the other side of your mouth – If you need to eat before your appointment at Indian Valley Dental, try to avoid chewing on the side of your mouth with the loose tooth. This will minimize strain on your tooth.

- Keep your mouth clean – Even if you have a loose tooth, it’s still important to keep your mouth clean. Continue to brush and floss your other teeth normally, but avoid the loose tooth. You can use water or mouthwash to rinse your mouth and clean your loose tooth.

- Don’t mess with the tooth – It’s tempting, but avoid touching your loose tooth with your tongue, moving it around, or touching it with your fingers. It won’t help and could loosen your tooth further.

Come To Indian Valley Dental For Help With Loose Teeth In Souderton!

Loose teeth can be caused by lots of different dental issues, and some are more serious than others. But no matter the cause, you should contact the team at Indian Valley Dental for help if you notice a loose tooth. 

It’s never normal for adults to have loose teeth, and it’s important to get treatment right away. So give us a call at (215) 723-5531 or contact Indian Valley Dental online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spencer Grossman. Dr. Grossman can diagnose your issue, recommend the appropriate treatment, and provide the care you need for a healthy mouth and peace of mind.

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